Q: How much does it weigh?

Our lightweight Patent Pending PODs are specifically designed with reducing overall weight in mind, totaling only ~275 lbs.

Q: What are the overall dimensions?

PODS are approximately 60” wide by 42” deep and 55” tall (exterior dimensions)

Q: What size vehicle do I need to tow this with?

30 Seconds to Camp’s PODs fit a variety of tow-vehicles.  However they do require a Class III hitch with a minimum tongue weight of 400 lbs.  Vehicles with lifted equipment or larger tires may require a special hitch to maintain proper POD height.

Q: Do I need to get a trailer tag or special licensing?

One of the unique features of our PODS is noticeably the lack of traditional wheels.   As a result, special licensing or tag registration is NOT required.

Q: Can I really be camping in 30 seconds?

Yes, we believe camping should be simple and easy.  Once you arrive at your chosen destination, 30 seconds is all that it takes to setup. We can’t make it any simpler!

Q: What size mattress do I need for my POD?

PODs fit a FULL size mattress dimensions (54”WX75”L).  Mattresses must be foldable or roll-able to a maximum size of 30 inches for storage when POD is in closed position.  There are many options of inflatable or tri-fold mattress available in the marketplace or online.

Q: What special towing equipment do I need?

30 Seconds to Camp’s PODs fit a variety of tow-vehicles.  Our PODs require a Class III tow-hitch with a minimum tongue weight of 400lbs.  Trailer wiring is required for brake/stop/turn lights.

Q: How many people does it sleep?

Our PODs sleep two adults comfortably and possibly a furry companion. Total occupant weight should not exceed 500 pounds combined.

Q: How do I run my lights or electrical accessories?

Our PODs are equipped with an electrical cable hatch which allows you convenient access to run an extension cord to your various electrical devices such as phone chargers, lighting or a fan from a full service hookup or generator.

Q: I want a POD but I live in South Carolina, do you offer delivery?

We currently offer delivery for a fee to the South East US region and expect to expand in the near future.  Please contact us to see if we deliver in your area.  Freighting for an additional fee may be available.  All delivery orders require pre-payment.

Q: When can I get my POD?

Our Patent Pending POD units are custom crafted upon ordering with approximately 3-4 weeks to delivery.

Q: When I buy a POD, won’t other people be jealous?

Most definitely YES!  Our unique design attracts attention and may cause envy among other campers and neighbors.  Have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand and be prepared to make new friends. PODs are highly contagious, make people smile and are prone to starting conversations wherever you go!

Q: Does the POD have to be attached at all times when camping?

One of the unique features of our PODS is noticeably the lack of traditional wheels.  To maintain stability during inhabitation, the POD should be attached to the tow vehicle.  The POD units can be safely stored in the closed position without a tow vehicle attached.


If you don’t see your answer here, just ask!  We truly love talking about our PODs and all the fun you can have on a minute’s notice (or 30 Seconds).  Our PODs attract attention wherever we go, so we never mind answering people’s questions!

Just shoot us an email at camp@30secondstocamp.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Camp more. Stress less.