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Top 5 Excuses for Not Camping

Why is it that we will find a million excuses for not taking time out of our daily life to enjoy the great outdoors?  For some ludicrous reason we wait for some elusive time when we believe that we will be able to do all those things we have always wanted to […]

Slow down, and grill!

As I am slowly sinking into the long Independence Day weekend, I am truly thankful for the Freedom in which I have to celebrate all that is good about America. My favorite pastime is lighting up the grill and, as the Kingsford Charcoal ad says, “Slow down..and grill!” (see However, I […]

Just Back From Stone Mountain!

We just got back in from a wonderful trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia!  The response to 30SecondsToCamp was fantastic and we met so many wonderful new friends on our trip.  The weather was excellent during this Spring Break weekend.  Although just a short weekend trip, I never cease to be amazed by […]