Slow down, and grill!

As I am slowly sinking into the long Independence Day weekend, I am truly thankful for the Freedom in which I have to celebrate all that is good about America. My favorite pastime is lighting up the grill and, as the Kingsford Charcoal ad says, “Slow down..and grill!” (see However, I am beginning to think I just might have a problem as I now have added a 5th grill to my BBQ arsenal.  I have two charcoal, and now 3 gas grills with each one serving a specific purpose.  While one is for backyard grilling, the other is for tailgating, while yet still another for camping.

The latest addition to my grill family is the Blackstone 4 Burner Griddle Cooking Station featuring Solid Stainless Steel burners for long life, and thick rolled steel surface for excellent heat retention and distribution!


This griddle has a 36″ x 21″ which equals out to be ~756 square inches of cooking surface!


I am now on my fourth straight meal since bringing it home and soon to make it five!  It does breakfast fantastic, over-easy eggs and bacon….I mean it does bacon perfectly!

I have a new favorite….”smashed” burgers topped with Gouda cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions!  The trick is that I add 1 tbsp. of melted butter and a little bacon grease to the ground beef.  Step it up a notch by adding roasted garlic to the mix and you will be amazed at the flavor explosion!  After mixing, I ball up the ground beef into individual servings and place each one on the heated griddle top.  Once the meat ball starts to brown, I use the spatula to flatten the burgers as thin as I can get them and still hold together (Note: my wife thinks it sacrilegious to “smush” burgers on the grill, but she loves this recipe!).  Grill to desired doneness and top with cheese to melt.  Serve with your favorite bun (I enjoy even without the bun due to our low carb lifestyle).

I simply love this new Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station!  But is five grills too many?

What should be next on the griddle top?  Let me know. Any ideas?

Camp more. Stress Less.

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