Top 5 Excuses for Not Camping

Top 5 Camping Excuses

Why is it that we will find a million excuses for not taking time out of our daily life to enjoy the great outdoors?  For some ludicrous reason we wait for some elusive time when we believe that we will be able to do all those things we have always wanted to do…like snow ski, kayak or yes, camp!  We believe if we hurry up with our lives now, that we will make it to that mythical moment in life when we will have vast amounts of free time to start finally enjoying life.  Unfortunately, for many, that time never comes, life gets in the way.  Kids grow up, people move away, bills never stop coming in and life continues to pass by.

Here are the top 5 excuses for not camping……how many have you used?

#1. Camping is too expensive.

What are you willing to invest in making memories?  Can you put a price on doing the extraordinary for you and your family? Taking a walk through the woods or alongside a beautiful lake with the sounds of loons serenading you as the sun sets. The aroma of coffee brewing in the morning as the dew settles over the campsite. The smell of a campfire the morning after as it smolders from the previous night’s warmth and conversation. Good news is that there are many low cost options for camping which include state parks, camping packages where all you bring is your family and everything is provided from the tent to the firewood. Be wise when looking for a recreational vehicle and get the right “tool” for the right “job.” Some things to consider beyond the purchase price is what is the total ownership cost of ownership? Where am I going to store a camper and what do I need to do to maintain it are all very good questions to ask yourself. Remember that the longer something sits around exposed to the elements, the more it deteriorates. Owning a camper is a serious  investment, as tires dry rot, exterior moldings and seals need replaced, and parts need maintained, so choose wisely. If storage fees are a concern, don’t choose a camper which size requirements make it unreasonable for you to store at your location. Choose a camper which fits into your garage out of the weather (remember if you get two vacations a year, in reality your camper might be sitting around for the majority of the time not being used). Consider all of your options and choose the camper that’s right for you and your family. But, more importantly, camping is a great investment for you and your family! It is a great way to build amazing memories together! Finally, remember, it’s true what they say about wealth, you can’t take it with you! Make some memories! Go camping!

#2 I don’t have enough time.

The old adage is true that no one lays on their death bed and says that they wish they had spent more time at the office. I like to say that camping is “enforced inactivity.” It gets you away from the day-to-day doldrums and forces one to slow down. Unfortunately, by sitting around the house on the weekend you tend to get bogged down in the never ending list of chores such as the room that needs painting or the garage which could use a cleaning. This leaves little time for you to actually relax and recharge after a long, long, long week at work. Camping can be the much needed escape from those day-to-day realities that forces you to be inactive and recharge even if just for a weekend. Don’t always be in such a rush, you will find that sitting around a campfire or a grill is a great way to enjoy yourself. Somehow camping magically changes the pace at which life around seems to go by.  I encourage you to find the time to do the things that you really love. Slow down and camp!

#3 I hate sleeping on the ground.

Many people have visions (albeit for some probably nightmares) of camping and “roughing it.”   Memories of sleeping on a bed roll with a stick or rock poking them in the back.  While many still enjoy the adventure of sleeping under the stars or in a tent, the age of glamping has come.  Glamping or ”glamourous camping” involves camping without all the “uncomfortable” negatives and allows one to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing life’s luxuries. Glamping is a little break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind which makes camping attractive to both husband and wife.  Glamping often involves subtle touches such as adding some candles, comfortable sheets, nice luxurious pillows, and of course a bottle of wine.  Decorate your camper and campsite, try a theme or go all vintage.  Try a Margarita Bar, it can be a great way to make new friends at the campsite. “Glamp” as little or as much as you like, be creative, have fun, enjoy the togetherness and make some new friends.  Camping no longer means you have to rough it, unless you are into that kind of thing!  Try glamping, who knows you might just find that you like it! Try glamping!

#4 Camping is too much work.

Let’s face it camping can be a lot of work.  I would often spend the better half of a day loading and preparing our camper or trailer for the trip.  Not to mention the stress and effort of spending a complete day unloading and cleaning it once we return. One thing I could count on was almost two entire days of my vacation was spent “working” on the camping trip.  I personally think the benefits of camping outweigh any of the hassles associated with it.  However, I understand that vacations days are at a premium and most people want to get the most out of their days off.  The last thing they want to do is escape cleaning the house only to clean a house on wheels! All I have to say is….30 seconds to setup, it’s really that easy!  Check out!

#5  Cooking is easier at home

I have heard it said that camping is to living as cooking is to barbecuing. There is something so primal and satisfying about escaping our reliance on infrastructure that it turns even the most tedious chore into an adventure and a memory. There are many online sources such as Pinterest that offer some amazing camping recipes that offer a wide variety of tastes and experiences which make cooking outdoors an amazing experience! Recipes don’t necessarily have to be complex and involved to please most tastes. Experiment and have fun when cooking outdoors. Don’t be afraid to try new things and it doesn’t hurt to pack an extra bottle of wine (or two)!

What’s your excuse? Why aren’t you camping? Are storage, insurance, licensing and maintenance fees breaking your recreational budget?  Are you tired of your camper “owning” you instead of your owning your camper?  30 Seconds to Camp offers an affordable alternative to traditional camping without all the cost and hassles. Our PODs store easily in your garage and require no licensing or fees.  Its easy to get out and camp even if its just for a weekend!

As we like to say, Camp more, stress less!  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information!

Happy Camping!!

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