Innovative 2 Person Lightweight Wheel-less Camper

The philosophy of 30SecondsToCamp’s Patent Pending Expandable POD System was simply to make camping quick, comfortable and affordable.  We felt that your time is much better spent camping than at a storage lot!  Our Patent Pending POD system stores easily in your garage saving you money on monthly storage fees.  It also requires no licensing or tags saving you even more.

In a world where it seems everything is “one-size fits all,” now there is something that is right-sized just for you.  Proving that bigger is not always better!  30SecondsToCamp’s Patent Pending POD based micro-coaches offer an affordable and convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors. The setup is simple, in as little as thirty seconds.  No more extensive maintenance or setup required as with traditional RVs.

Do you hate maneuvering your travel trailer around the storage lot or at the campground?  Our PODs require no special driving skills to transport.

Easy to use, easy to own!

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Camp more. Stress less!

Greg Kramer – CEO,

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